Failing in make money online Review PLR by Nelson Gabriel

why I am not making money online?

Failing in make money online Review

Finally arrived Premium 50 PLR Articles and 50 social Media Videos about common problems in making money online Journey.

Ready done for you 50 unique Articles on Why  many beginners are not making money online-and how to fix it we have included 50 videos for social media.

Failing in make money online Review

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Making money online, has become the best alternative for financial freedom live, but the biggest problem is not for everyone. I know people who still searching about how to make money online since 2017, and until today they are not making money online. and you can ask me why they are not making money, the answer is simple “don’t know whats work and what doesn’t work” Thousands of people never asked this question “WHY I’M NOT MAKING MONEY ONLINE” they only looking for ways to make money online and always fail without knowing why? and is time to fix it, is time to know “why you are not making money online”

50 Unique, Professional written Articles on” Failing in make money online – and how to Fix It”

 Making Money Online is a dream for many BUT is for few. every single day you will find promises about how to make $10,000 per month, Up to that point, it is even possible to believe, but the problem comes when they write “making money online is easy. Anyone can achieve with little effort. Find out how to make money on the internet while sleeping. ” we also know that make money online is not easy, you need to know all story behind making money online, I can guarantee you that:

100+ Hours of researching, personal experience has done for you in 1 Pack 3 months researching interviewing different people and personal experience about why I was not making money online. this PLR pack includes everything that you will need to know about making money online, there are 50 PLR articles on different topics, related to problems about making money online and how to fix this problem about making money online, plus 1 main book that can use as a lead magnet, sell, and for your personal development. and 50 45sec – 2 minutes videos pack for Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook. this PLR pack can cost you around $700-$1000 but today you will it in low price because I want you to use it to become expert on making money online and for help your audience about “why they are not making money online” I note that people don’t follow the right steps and they don’t research why they fail when start making money online Journey, so I decided to share the most common problem all beginners are committing. These 50 Articles will help you and other marketers fix these common problems in making money online


  1. Why your network marketing is failing (981 words)
  2. Why you are not making money online (834 words)
  3. Fundamental questions you need to ask yourself before thinking about making money online (1187 words)
  4.  What makes people invest to gain access to your knowledge? (1537 words)
  5. Why do more than 90% of people who try fail to make money on the internet? (825 words)]
  6. Recurring problems in Digital Marketing (1104 words)
  7. Biggest mistakes you are making in digital marketing (801 words)
  8. Care you should consider to not create a digital product that does not sell (815 words)
  9. Are you ready to start an affiliate business?  (872 words)
  10. consider understanding the affiliate market before you start (995 words)
  11. Common mistakes you should avoid in network marketing (969 words)
  12. Creative Process: advice to enhance your digital business (718 words)
  13. Five Reasons Why You Are Still Not Making Money Online With Your Digital Business (1013 words)
  14. How to get around the main problems of email marketing? (1126 words)
  15. Make money online is more than just sitting in front of the computer (1011 words)
  16. Mistakes Every Successful Entrepreneur Has Made at the Beginning of their Career (1505 words)
  17. Mistakes that keep you from making money on the internet (606 words)
  18. Why isn’t it so simple to earn money on the internet? (634 words)
  19. Problems That Prevent You from getting more sales on Your Digital Product (1076 words)
  20. Online Sales: The Secrets of Failure with Goals (1134 words )
  21. Fear of losing money is one of the causes that makes you not make money online (1065)
  22. The disadvantages you must Know About work from Home (1015 words)
  23. Do mini sites do it worth to work with them? (1010 words)
  24. Why traffic is essential in your make money online journey (1657 words)
  25. Paid or free traffic, how to decide this dilemma (1143 words)
  26. Stop thinking about making money fast (919 words)
  27. The difficulties in making money online (857 words)
  28. The first fundamental steps to succeed online(1013 words)
  29. Setting a journey can help you make money online (956 words)
  30. Learn how to achieve your goals with attitude (1135 words)
  31. How time management affecting your online productivity(2125 words)
  32. How to validate your online business idea (1256 words)
  33. What brings lead generation to your online course? (1338 words)
  34. Everything you need to know about making thousands selling digital products (1732 words)
  35. How to Work as an Affiliate and Make Money Online! (656 words)
  36. Essential Steps for Working as an Affiliate (1496 words)
  37. How introverted writers become successful entrepreneurs (1462 words)
  38. How to influence people to grow your audience and authority on the internet (959 words)
  39. How to promote affiliate products efficiently (767 words)
  40. The three pillars profit for the sale of product digital (954 words)
  41. Steps To Create An Infallible Content Marketing Strategy! (849 words)
  42. Paid traffic: the infallible strategy to multiply your results (246 words)
  43. 5 mistakes that end your engagement and how to avoid them (1690 words)
  44. How the experts selling a product digital – A guide to generating results online (1064 words)
  45. How to scale the result of digital marketing campaigns?(1108 words)
  46. Online education: how to harness the potential of the market of the future (1599 words)
  47. How not to fall for scams on the internet while buying any digital product (1010 words)
  48. Paid Traffic fundamental things you need to know (868 words)
  49. Care you should take when selling digital products (522 words)
  50. 5 Lies About Making Money on the Internet (724 words)


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This is perfect pack for you, ready done with everything you need to start successful business, he covered everything every beginners do wrong and best part how can you solve it 

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MODULE 5:Mind Map

MODULE 6:High-Quality Professional Graphic Designs

MODULE 7:High-Quality Lead Magnet Report

MODULE 8:10 High Quality Articles

MODULE 9:Email Follow Up Series

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OTO#1:PLR How to start a successful blog

Clearly and simply what you need to do to create your blog and be successful with it.

Ready done for you PLR Book-Brand this with your name, publish it and keep 100% of the profits!

Over 11,000+Words Done-For-You Book, That You Can Put your Name and Sell  Today!

Premium done for you PLR Book, Let’s see what we covered inside this PLR Book

  1. How to start a successful blog

   here we will cover  the following content:

   -Why you need to start a Blog

   -Everything you need to know about how to create your blog

   -what is a niche market for new Bloggers 

   -Some examples of the difference between niche types:

2. How to choose a profitable niche for your blog

    here we will cover  the following content:

   -First you need to choose a theme that you like

   -Watch the competition

   -Analyze the number of people interested in your topic

   -It’s Crucial Understand trends

Sqribble Review [Is This EBook Creator Any Good?]

3. Where to create a blog

    here we will cover  the following content:

   -Free or Paid Blog? What is the best option?

   -Everything you need to Know about Free Blog

   -Everything you need to Know about Paid Blog

   -Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Blog and Paid Blog

   -What is the best platform to start a blog?

   -Here is why WordPress is most recommended and popular

4. Tips for having a successful blog

    here we will cover  the following content:

   -Invest in a professional template

   -Create consistent content

   -research what topics are most popular and interesting for your audience.


   -The Importance of Images and videos on the blog?

   -How much time do I invest in my blog content?

   -Make it different from what already exists in the market

   -Re-optimize and review your processes

   -SEO is not everything

   -Track your metrics – have more control over what has worked and what can improve;

   – Have clear goals to develop your content.

5. How to rank on Google with SEO techniques for websites

    here we will cover  the following content:

   -Research and keyword optimization

   -Optimize title

   -Optimize the Meta description

   -Link building for ranking high on google

   -Usability and accessibility

   -Top tips to Increase your blog traffic

6. How to increase traffic on your blog

 here we will cover  the following content:

   -Tactic # 1: Produce more top-funnel content

   -Tactic # 2: Increase the frequency of blog posts

   -Tactic # 3: Make and receive guest posts

   -Tactic # 4: Do link building

   -Tactic # 5: Co-Marketing

   -Tactic # 6: Use tags in your content that target an audience likely to share

   -Tactic # 7: Distribute content on social networks and discussion groups with topics complementary to              your content

   -Tactic # 8: Join communities on your blog themes

   -Tactic # 9: Have SEO-friendly content

   – Tactic # 10: Optimize your layout or template

   -Tactic # 11: Use social media to share your posts and find new connections

   -Tactic # 12: Install Google Analytics and pay attention to the results

   – Tactic # 13: Add graphics, images, and illustrations

   -Tactic # 14: Make reference to your posts

   -Tactic # 15: Comment on other blogs in your market

7.How to rank on Google with SEO techniques for websites

    here we will cover  the following content:

   -Let’s start from the beginning… is your profile already optimized?

   -Understand how the Pinterest algorithm works

   -The best tips for generating traffic with Pinterest

   -Optimize your images for SEO

   -NEVER forget to redirect the user to your website

   -Bet on vertical images

   -Engage with your community and listen to what they are saying about your brand

   -Create a posting frequency

   -Create interesting descriptions

   -Include text in your images

   -Include a Save button on your blog

   -Think about color psychology

   -Follow influential people and brands

8.The step by step of how to make money with a blog

 here we will cover  the following content:

   -Where does a blog recipe come from?

   -Where to get advertisers for your blog

   -How to make money with a new blog

   -Advertisers who pay for sales made

   -Direct sale of ads through the blog itself

   -Make money from your blog by selling info products

   -To make money with a blog you need to dedicate yourself

8.How to make money with affiliate marketing on your blog

    here we will cover  the following content:

   -What is affiliate marketing?

   -How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

   -Choose affiliate products to promote

   -Use an affiliate management plug-in

   -Create quality content to promote affiliate links

   -Increase your affiliate revenue with Optimizepress

   -Trust the 80/20 rule

   -Understand the user’s intention

   -Think about creating Yes / Yes campaigns

  -Make money by reviewing products



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