Hello dear friend, thank you for clicking to read this article. I am sam Harvard and I have decided to reveal and show you that secret strategy on how I made 200 million naira online in six months without creating any product of my own and how you can copy me point-blank.


so I put a little bit of screenshot of the account statement and I’m going to be showing you the bigger picture later of how between February and July around 2018 how I use a very unique business model about to show you to make over 254,000,000 from this particular statement, there are other ones because it was way more than that, that was generated within the period and how you can copy the exact business model and also use it to create wealth for yourself.

I can honestly tell you that reading this article would be worth your time because what I’m about to show you is going To be very much valuable to you. so lets proceed

who am I ?

let’s go back to 2016 in January of that year I was homeless, my situation right now can of course depict the situation of a lot of people where you are educated, you have a degree, you are smart, you have virtually everything to your advantage, unfortunately your life is not reflective of the skill that you have,

your life is not reflective of the trainings that you have, your life is not reflective of everything that you have at your disposal, somehow money just say they are keeping malice with you[lol] ,I don’t know if you’re in that category today that you are doing so much work, you are putting in a lot of effort but things are just not working for you. then read on.

So January 2016 I was homeless because I was sent out on my house, I couldn’t pay rent of 30,000 naira balance, my rent was 80,000 naira then and I paid 50k but I couldn’t balance 30k so i was thrown out ,I had to squat with friends, that was my life. Now flip over to 9 months something happened that changed my life completely,

I documented this switch actually in a video and I have once sold that video for $1000 but if you stay with me till the end of this article I probably will be giving you access to that video so just stick with me. Now flip over in nine months my life had changed completely because of the same concept I’m about to share with you in this article.

I’m a trained business growth experts, that all I know how to do best, I simply help businesses make more money and of course individual as well. I’m an amazing marketer, I’m very good at what I do.

so today I want to quickly show you a concept that works, the concept that is a major concept in the business world today especially because of what reality we are facing alright,

so let’s quickly talk about this, what is it that I did that made me over 200,000,000 within six months and how can you of course benefit from it.

So we can’t do justice to this matter if I do not take you back memory Lane.

from industrial revolution that a lot of people can now build factories and make money and it created what we call the middle class and for the first time in history of mankind it was easy for someone that is born a common man to die Noble meaning you were born poor and then you can die rich because of the industrial revolution and after that computer was invented a couple of hundreds of years after and it made job easier for people,

a lot of people lost their job because they were trained with crude skills but now the computer come to replace the people you know in the industries and companies and corporations that they’re working for and of course we have the Internet revolution, during boom and that created a lot of businesses that are ruling the world today but after that we have information revolution where people can sell ,can teach things, can know things and that can be the difference between their lives.

I always say now I want you to think this alright, there must be somebody that you know you are smarter than, you are more educated than this person but somehow this person has more money than you do, what could be the reason? the reason is simply he knows something you don’t know. there is something that person that seems to have a lot of money knows that you do not know and that becomes the power that becomes the leverage that people wield that can actually help them.

Now the present and best seasons we are now is called the connected revolution

and what does this mean? it means it’s possible for you to make a fortune without creating a products, it’s possible for you to make a fortune without even creating a service, why because you can simply be the connector between buyers and sellers of products and services and you make Commission every time a transaction happen, let me repeat myself you can be in the middle of buyers and sellers and every time somebody makes a transaction you earn A Commission over their transaction . If you still don’t understand what I’m saying let me quickly show you these organizations .

I’m sure you know you’ve heard of Amazon that is majorly in America, this company is worth 1.7 trillion US dollars ,the company is one of the most valuable company in the world worth 1.7 trillion US dollars ,guess what they do,

they are simply connectors between creators of product and the people who wants to buy the product and every time their platform becomes the marketplace that the transaction happens they make money, every time you book an Uber or taxify or whatever the name they call it in your country or your location the owner of these platforms make money even though they do not own the caps.

AIRBNB is the largest real estate connector plug in the world, they don’t own one house, one tiny little house but it makes millions and billions of dollars every year from real estate transaction all over the world simply because they position themselves to be the connector between a product buyer and a product creator, so they just position them.

so what is the secret strategy on how I made 200 million naira online in six months?

it’s very simple and easy, a few years ago I discovered this model and then I was thinking what is it a lot of people are looking for and Interestingly we’re in that similar period Right now where everyone wants to learn ,everyone is looking for his skill ,everyone is trying to follow a trend something that is happening. ladies and gentlemen there are so many things that are going on around you that you do not even know yet. So what did I do, very simple,

I discovered a lot people want to learn how to trade forex and cryptocurrency, I personally don’t know how to trade and cryptocurrency, so I went to look for people who know how to do it and I created the platform and then they decide to bring their training to my platform and then I went to look for people who want to learn how to trade and I connected the two of them on my platform and boom that was how I was able to generate this income and I was even doing this one as living in a city of osogbo of all places meaning it doesn’t even matter where you leave,

it doesn’t matter who you are, guess what ladies and gentlemen I graduated with a third class, I’m not that smart its not like I know something that you do not know,

if a third class like me that studied physics could pull this off ladies and gentlemen I’m not saying you are going to put this off immediately but know that you are smarter than me, you know that you probably went to school better than me, you probably studied the cause that is better than me ,your parents better probably had a better background given to you than I was given.

Now let me ask you a question, what if you only could do 50% of this in the next six months, what if you can do 50% or you could only do 10% of this which would amount to over 25 million ,what would that mean for you if you could do 10% or with even 5% of this you could do about 10 million,

what would that mean for you in the next six months ladies and gentlemen. Now the amazing thing is that you don’t even need to do any of those things that I did because its already done for you and I’m gonna show you in this article in a moment, you can build and make this a reality for you by simply sending traffic to other people’s products or offer.

so you ask me how i going To do this now……… guess what COVID-19

has made everything easy because the short down that happened in the whole world has now pushed everything online now a lot can be done online including making money.

so one of the best option you have regardless of where you live right now regardless of what you are doing right now is your ability to make money online

and guess what the number one way to do this is this same business model concept and talking about is affiliate marketing,

it is so easy and simple that you don’t need to do anything that is strong ,all you need to do, is you just need to follow the simple steps that I followed and guess what all the technicalities that supported order went in to the work that I did you don’t have to go through that why because everything has been created for you. you can simply sell trainings that people are looking for because the online course industry is said to be worth over 319 billion dollars by 2025.


one platform alone turns over $2 billion per month I’m talking about Udemy. ladies and gentlemen you don’t need to go far, you see the exact thing I did that made over 200,000,000 for me has now been created into a platform for you.

we have done all the work for you .you don’t need to create a platform, you don’t need to look for people who want to create courses that people want to learn, you don’t need to do any of those , it is already done for you, there are courses and programs that are already available on the platform. you can now say how do you do this you? simply become an affiliate under this platform that’s all you need to do.

so someone is saying I don’t know how to do this affiliate thing, though I’ve been hearing it I don’t know how to do it, I’ve tried it before I made or did not make money or I tried it before it didn’t work for me, I don’t know how to do any of these things ,what can you do for me ?fairly simple ,I already anticipated, it guess what, that is why I’ve prepared a course ,it’s a training, it’s a program like nothing you’ve seen before, its called the 7 figure affiliate guide.

you see the moment you become an affiliate on this platform LEARNOFLIX you are entitled to this training automatically, you don’t have to pay for this at all anymore and this training teaches you the step by step on how you can by yourself sell other peoples courses and program without you even showing your face.

if you don’t want to show your face, you don’t have to convince friends or family, everything will be taught to you on how to simply generate traffic and there are so many courses that you can sell, this are some of my courses on the platform, more causes are coming because the platform is currently prelaunching and that is exactly what you are having access to.

before I say anything further, let me just quickly share three people story with you who are part of this affiliate program and what they have been able to do within a week or two week maximum .

THE first person I want to talk about a networker, of course he as been running network marketing and as not being getting as much results as he anticipated and then he found this and went to try it out and did a few things on his own and then within a week of discovering YouTube as a traffic source he was able to go over 130k in just a week and within three weeks this guy did over a quarter million on the platform in less than one month.

You’re gonna be meeting him because he’s one of the moderator and he is going To be sharing his story ,how he does it and was able to generate this. he is one of the mentors that is going to hold you by the hand because it’s that simple. when you are an affiliate of learnoflix you are not on your own ,whatever level or grade you are there are people who are getting results that are willing to support and help you so that you can get similar results like them.

see this that another guys based in UK this is one of the guys that I mentor, he has done over 300 K on this platform in just less than a month alright in less than a month, he did this in 23 days precisely was when he did over 300K on the platform now apart from that, he created a course also that is selling on the platform ,that course has done hundreds of thousands of naira, so he’s living in the UK is making amazing income in Africa just like that .

The third story is very touching, this was my affiliate of the month, hes 23 years old and in one month only was able to do over 863 thousand and by the second month of selling my product ,he did not create this product.

You might not make 200 million ,oh yes but what if all you could do is 5% of that, if I teach you everything I know and guess what we have made it easy for YOU, you don’t need to create website, you don’t need to go and register a company and do all of the things that I did alright, everything is already done for you under the platform, all you just need to do is come in and plug in yourself, take the training step by step.

now when you join these platform what are the things you’re going to be getting? let me quickly run you through the value that is waiting for you


what you will get your having access to a step by step training on how to end seven figure with affiliate marketing .now I don’t care what you have tried before, I’m talking about a proven process listen if there is a way that I can prove to you and show you exactly what I did and what others are doing that are getting them result that you also can practice alright and we guarantee you are making between 100,000 naira and 1,000,000 naira on a monthly basis with this business would you be interested ?

if you answer was yes this is the prayer you prayed over at the beginning of this year, this is that opportunity you don’t have to blink at all you probably have seen our adverts before you probably have not it does not matter the fact that you on this article still reading tells me this is the answer you have been praying for.

the question is what would you do with this, what will you do with this so this is the first thing you are having, the 7 figure affiliate marketing training where I’m going to be opening my head to you and then you will make you understand some crazy principles here nobody ever that you know online who is doing digital marketing can bamboozle you anymore because the things you are going to have access to. just wait now this is number 1.


you’re going to have access to sell all the courses that are coming up on Learnoflix including the ones that are currently there you’ll be able to sell anyone you like there are many courses that are coming, we’re doing pre launch up into the end of April 2021 .

We have minimum of 100 courses on the platform just imagine being able to sell all. I was only selling one course in 2018 which was forex trading and cryptocurrency trading that was the cause I was selling, now imagine having access to over 100 that you can sell, what else can stop you? that’s not all


this is the killer you see you have access to if you register now 90 days live training session if you have missed any day, it is recorded and kept for you in your back end at the end of this pre launch program this training is going to sell for nothing less than $1000 before you can have access to watch the recorded one but if you register now and

you are becoming a part of us now you will not only have access to it live because his ongoing we still have about 60 days to go alright you have access to it. they are going to be talking about traffic ,most people are still struggling with Facebook and Instagram ads, they don’t know that things have changed .


where are the real money coming from even if you have a business and you want to take it online or you want to run digital marketing how can you get your traffic up to 1,000,000 people to your website or to your offer without spending a dime, how can you use organic traffic,

how can you use solo ads,, how can use native ads how can you target a specific location of people where quality buyers are without you spending the time, all of these things will be taught to you you will learn how to do it step by step and that is what we do every day online if you miss any day or maybe you want to go back you would always be able to go back to it, and watch the process over and over again ladies and gentlemen this is more than a bargain


and finally because you are here, something amazing is happening you see we’re having what we call an affiliate challenge right now where you as an affiliate you will sell a course and the cost is the 7 figure affiliate program which is the cost that follow come when you join the platform so you are selling that course.

so in between now and the end of April we have Amazing challenge going on so for the number of courses were able to sell alright which is the number of affiliates that are able to buy the affiliate course and becoming an affiliate of learnoflixto your promotions through your traffic generations alright remember you’ll be put out to do all of this in step by step here.

now there are six major categories now these are those additional things that are added to you.

if only 10 courses were sold by you or I only tender fillet where sold by you by the end of April you will be qualifying for a face cap ,a T shirt and any bracelet customized bracelets and you would also be getting a gift card also correct and you would have made over 40,000 in Commission just like that alright .

what if it’s 50 people that are able to come alright all those guys that I show you are already in silver as at the time of the article and they did it in less than a month alright some of them in one week they already done silver so we see where you’re getting a laptop, you’re getting a mobile phone ,you’re getting a power bank and you must have earn direct Commission of over 200,000k at that point alright.

what if 100 people were able to come, you able to get 100 affiliates to buy the affiliate program through you within this 90 days. You would have won an all expense paid luxury vacation to ghana and you would have gotten over 400,000 in Commission.

what if it’s 200 people this is going To take you to both Dubai and Nairobi countries at the same time and you would have earned over eight thousand naira in Commission alright it gets better it gets better.

If it is 500 people that came through you, you go into maldives with extra 1,000,000 cash given to you to spend all right and you would have made over 2,000,000 naira.

the ultimate goal alright for anyone who is able to sell 1000 courses hey 1000 affiliate alright within this time. You are getting a range rover e0vogue of your own and you would have had over 4,000,000 in referral Commission or affiliate Commission within this.


So what are you waiting for, this is everything that you are going to get in just because we are part of us today you’re getting the step by step training, the 7 figure affiliate training itself, you’re getting access to sell any course of your choice on the platform

#3 you are having access to the daily 90 day streaming there’s no digital marketing training on this planet that will give you the kind of value you are going to get on this daily call I can guarantee you that it is mind blowing alright and then of course you have access to participate in the challenge I just showed you. if we decide to put a price on all of these things it will cost over $2000

but guess what you will not be paying $2000 today if you decide to be a part of us now, to get access to the platform and to everything is only 23 dollars which is 10,350 naira

only if you decide to be a part of us today now I want to scatter your head the more I want to give you lot more stuff now if you are able to set a Sign up today

if you’re signing up today alright you will now send me an email to after you are done with registration alright don’t send this before you register no one will attend to you but after you have registered you can send this in alright and what are you going to get to go to get an access to ….

a three month group mentorship program with me alright which is worth 3000 US dollars now let me give you a few testimony or some of the people have mentioned in the past.

this guy was raised to start and not only make $1000 weekly he was actually doing this daily at some point but he was teaching other people how to do that and when he met me ,he was broke , he just lost his job at a bank, he had a wife and three amazing daughters and then of course there was nothing,

no income everyone he talked to asked him to reach me and then eventually he called me, I met with him and started working together and between two years this guy got new cars, new house and then he became a mentor that was now training people how to do over 1000dollar every week.

this is one of my most amazing mentee ,I’m so proud of him his name is John Paul alright ,you can search for him on social media, I met him as a corper while he was serving looking very slim and then I started to mentor him and I showed him different amazing things he went into Business Today is one of the number one if not top five forex traders in Africa, he has gotten all kinds of award, he sells cars ,he’s into real estate, he has built amazing businesses just because he have access to these.


you will be having access to a 3 month mentorship program worth $3000 if you pay today, so if you’re part of this I’m opening this to the 1st 200 people and it is come first come ,first serve bases. All this will cost you is a one time 10,350 naira or 23 dollars that’s what you have access to.

now that’s not all I’m also gonna be throwing in a training for you, a simple training that will show you how I use WhatsApp to generate 850k in 3 days and how you can do the same thing, its a training about WhatsApp marketing, so you will get access to this as well and then of course.

#2 which is the third one now there’s a master class that is coming up which is gonna teach you how you can monetize what you know, if you want to create a course and put on learnoflix for example and then you can get a lot of people selling your course for you while you sleep and you enjoy and you start making money.

you don’t want to miss this training so all of these three bonuses are waiting for fast action takers .so to close this article I want to quickly show you how you can generate 10 million.

let’s say you can’t do 250,000,000 you can do all of that, but can you do 10 million in the next six months? can you do 10 million in the next one year ?can you do 10 million in the next nine months ? How would you do this, very very simple, when you register and you have access to the 7 figure affiliate course,

if you sell this same course meaning you decide to sell the same course, anyone you sell it to you will be paid 40% immediate Commission .now those people that you sold it to if they sell the same cost to anyone else later you will be paid 10% on their own sales.

now let me quickly show you how this can become 10 million for you very easy, all you need to do is to sell 100 courses as fast as you can anything you want they let it take you one day if you are selling one per day, the moment you are able to sell 100 courses, relax you see all of these hundred affiliates that now came into the platform through you that you sold this course too and they’ve gone through the courses they’ve learnt and their also now selling the course,

if each of them are able to do 100 let’s say it took them three months to do this by the time you get your own 100 you would have made 400k direct income immediately but by the time each of these hundred now did the same thing, they’re going to get the training ,


they going To get the know how they’re going to get the support, they going to get everything that they need, if they are able to do 100 each. they would have done 10,000 affiliate courses and that will give you a total income of 10 million only on your level 2 income alone.

what are you waiting for ?if this one takes you 10 months ,10 million, if it takes you one year, 10 million.

So what are you supposed to do

So what exactly are you waiting for click the button but it’s going to take you to the registration page fill up that registration form select payment by bank transfer or card payment complete your order, send a message to add me through WhatsApp,they approve it if you are doing a transfer using your proof of payment if you’re doing card, it is automatic approval .

the moment you are approved what the welcome video on the on the dashboard and the next thing you want to do is to join all of the groups that you see immediate support is waiting for you, immediately money is waiting for you.So what are you waiting for I want you to click the link and i will see you on the inside.


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