Learnoflix: No 1 Affiliate Marketing Program In Nigeria[Expertnaire Alternative 2021]

Learnoflix: No 1 Affiliate Marketing Program In Nigeria[Expertnaire Alternative 2021]

I’m excited you click through to read this article today. This is going to be a detailed article on a platform called Learnoflix which happens No 1 Affiliate Marketing Program In Nigeria and a far better alternative to Expertnaire in 2021, And I want to deliver value to you as much as possible. I understand you probably were interrupted on social media to come here or perhaps you have a busy day running or you actually search on ways to make money online or the best affiliate marketing program out there in Nigeria.

So I’m just going to give this to you directly and see how we can begin to work together and make this a Commonwealth for everybody. All right. So today I’m going to be sharing the seven-figure affiliate program, which is a simple way. You can make a 50K,100k, $50,$100 $500, a $1000 either on a daily or weekly by selling digital products that you did not create without even attaching your face to it if you do not want. And this is a very critical, critical opportunity that I believe everyone, regardless of what you are currently involved with should take advantage of this extra income.

Let’s just say this as a form of introduction, you know, an average millionaire, they say by research have a minimum of seven streams of income. So it does not matter what you are doing currently. As a matter of fact, you would not be reading this article right now, if you do not want more. And there are a lot of things that have been marketed or presented to you in the past that did not work for you.

And now the fact that It didn’t work for you does not mean those things are fake or scams. It could just simply be because there was nobody to actually hold you by the end and show you exactly how you can make it work for you.

Now, what am I about to present to you is going to help you overcome all of that, because here you have the opportunity to get mentored, coached, supported, you know, by experts who already have seen results, and you can begin to duplicate their kind of results, even just with your mobile phone, you know, given just a few minutes or hours per day into work.

So let’s get into the article quickly.

Learnoflix: No 1 Affiliate Marketing Program In Nigeria[Expertnaire Alternative 2021]

Now COVID-19 has changed the world. A lot of things happened during the pandemic. We have schools, churches, mosques, airports, the public gathering, everything was shut down. And this panic really affected businesses across full-nose jobs. You know, the statistics, I don’t want to bore you with how terrible things were, and how terrible things are predicted to be, you probably got hit as well.

Your business probably didn’t go well, you probably, you know, could you lose your job possibly? Or, you know, somebody would do or probably the people who used to give you money could no longer Do because now things are not so well for them economically. All right. But one thing is critical in all of these which is the fact that the world changed. All right? And the world changed and moved everything online. Now churches are to meet online.

Learnoflix: No 1 Affiliate Marketing Program In Nigeria[Expertnaire Alternative 2021]

Even Mosque went online, different things came online, businesses are to come online. All kinds of things are now happening online simply because of COVID-19. Now the summary of all of these and why I’m saying all of this to you is because you also need to learn how to make money online. I know you are probably tried a lot of things. You probably have businesses and all of that. In addition to whatever you’re doing today, you need to learn to make money online.

Learnoflix: No 1 Affiliate Marketing Program In Nigeria[Expertnaire Alternative 2021]

I’m seeing this regardless of the country, you are reading this from you need to learn to make money online And legitimately. now I put this to you. The number one way to make money if you are just getting started, perhaps you do not have your business or anything is called affiliate marketing. Now affiliate marketing, you may know about it before and You may not know about it before, by simply define it as sending traffic to other people’s products or other people’s offers.

Learnoflix: No 1 Affiliate Marketing Program In Nigeria[Expertnaire Alternative 2021]

Now you may be thinking, okay, this online thing, I’m not really into them and all of that, but let me bring a very interesting perspective to you right now. Look at these organizations, Jumia, ShopRite, Amazon, And even the aboki on your street, if you’re from this part of the world or the supermarket on your streets, they are all selling products They do not produce, which means they are sending traffic to other people’s products. And some of these companies are the richest in the world. They are the richest in their niche.

All right. And that is simply because they are all affiliate marketing organizations or the run the affiliate marketing program. All right. So the number one way to make money online with limited or no capital, Alrighty, is to send traffic to other people’s products. Now I want you to pay attention to me because I’m going to share some things quite incredible right now.

Learnoflix: No 1 Affiliate Marketing Program In Nigeria[Expertnaire Alternative 2021]

Now the world has changed over time, you know,it began with the industrial revolution, which actually created the middle class. And people will think, you know, they are making money and this is the foundation.

The educational system is built on. All right? And from there, we move into the computer revolution where a lot of things change and people now start to use computers to do work there. And then of course the.com age came where the internet was introduced. And that also destructs the old business theory and, and the economic theory.

And then we have the information revolution, you know, during the information or is call it the jet age. Everything is going fast, fast, faster. But ladies and gentlemen, we have moved into a new economy. We have moved into a new revolution and this revolution is so Vivid and so rich, That is so crazy right now that you need to be a part of it is called the connected revolution.

Learnoflix: No 1 Affiliate Marketing Program In Nigeria[Expertnaire Alternative 2021]

Now, this is the kind of revolution or the kind of economy that gives somebody an opportunity to make money more than the producer of a product or the creator of his service by simply being the bridge between two people. This is where Amazon play.

This is where Uber please, uber is the largest taxi company in the world, but they do not own any Taxi’s. Airbnb is the biggest, richest, largest real estate company in the world and They do not own one simple building or real-estate. So how is this possible? Simply because they are connecting people to people, which is in the case of Facebook.

Learnoflix: No 1 Affiliate Marketing Program In Nigeria[Expertnaire Alternative 2021]

Facebook’s connecting you and me together, the person who invited you to this program, connected with you through Facebook, Facebook created the connection and that is what’s making mark Zuckerberg One of the richest in the world, all right, now let’s just talk individual. Let’s not even talk organization again. As an individual, you’re going to connect people to products, just like you have in Amazon and Jumia, Alibaba, and the likes.

All right. And currently, Amazon founder that jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world. Wort over 200 billion us dollars. I mean, he’s the first man to cross that 200 billion, you know, recent history. All right. And then of course we have the people to service in the case of Uber and Airbnb. So in this article now, what are you going to be connecting? Are you going to position yourself to make money by being a connector as well?

So how is Learnoflix the No 1 Affiliate Marketing Program In Nigeria and a far better Alternative to expertnaire

You might want to ask me the question is very simple. You’re going to be connecting digital products, which are training, that people are looking for to get better. These are just a few of the trainees on an amazing platform. I’m about to introduce you to all right.

Learnoflix: No 1 Affiliate Marketing Program In Nigeria[Expertnaire Alternative 2021]

So some of these training above are my own courses, or I guess are the ones that I created. So I’m going to give you an example because we are running these manually. And right now we have moved automated. Everything is now automated and it’s more beautiful and crazy. And I’m going to show you some numbers right now that will blow you away. Okay? So let’s start with this.

Learnoflix: No 1 Affiliate Marketing Program In Nigeria[Expertnaire Alternative 2021]

Now, these are, this is an example of a course that is really, really trending. this WhatsApp course in the last three months, where I’ve sold thousands of this course already. And then this is the new one that is starting, which is part of the one I’m introducing you to right now, which is the affiliate system that has a training called the seven-figure affiliate guide, which is a step-by-step broke down, secret, and steps and strategies you can deploy.

Okay? When you pick up your phone, what’s the first thing to do. If you want to make a hundred thousand in the next three days, what is the first thing to do? All right. To tell you, what is the next thing to do it will tell you, so this first course the WhatsApp marketing costs 10,000 nairas, it’s actually 40k on a discount of 10,000. And then when you sell it at 10,000, you get 50% commission already says $23. All right? So you get about $11.50, which is 5,000 out on every sale you make If you sell these particular costs.

And what this simply means is you send traffic to this course. And when people see it, and then they buy it because you sent them through your link/traffic, they are going to be paying you 50% of every sale that is made on this course. and look at these two If they sign up on learnoflix, and then they are selling the affiliate program, which is the one you are watching right now, you are going to be getting 40% of everyone who signs up to take the seven-figure affiliate program, and then you get 4,000 nairas on every sale.

Now, just keep that on one side. Let me put this in perspective for you. So look at this, there is four simple step process to get these Done, all right. The first is to sign up on learnoflix as an affiliate. All right. And you are to automatically take the seven-figure affiliate course because you signed up.

Number two, you select any course of your choice and promote using the full tutorial that will be provided for you. So as you sign up as an affiliate, you’re going to have a tutorial that is going to show you everything, That’s, if you’re new to affiliate marketing, but if you’re already into affiliate marketing, you know what to do, just pick as many courses as possible and start sending traffic to those courses. And then as people buy those courses, you keep making your own commission here and there.

If I were you like how I’m also doing, I’m going to promote as many courses as possible. See, I’ll start with a minimum of 10, then increase it and put it on automation. So people keep going and signing in and I’m making my own money without them even knowing that I’m the one behind it, sending them to the courses, all right, they are interfacing. You’re connecting people. You’re connecting people who are looking for these training to the trainers who created the courses. And as you do that, you’re earning a commission, that is mind-blowing. All right,

number three, you use social media to send traffic to the programs and you earn commission on every sale, its so simple.

All you need to do is to target a certain set of people in a certain location, and then show them the opportunity or the course that you are promoting. And then they go through it and then they like it. They make a buying decision and then you make money. And of course, you get the commission and you can withdraw it from your dashboard, Anytime you like.

Learnoflix: No 1 Affiliate Marketing Program In Nigeria[Expertnaire Alternative 2021]

Now, this is my dashboard for different people to join the affiliate program. And as a seven-figure affiliate within 48 hours. This just launch. If you look at the first screen its showing you in naira, this is a referral bonus alone all right, I’ve not sold any courses yet. So we’re just, I’m just signing up. Seven figures affiliate already And this is one 198,000 naira. It’s about $441 already in 48 hours.

Learnoflix: No 1 Affiliate Marketing Program In Nigeria[Expertnaire Alternative 2021]

It is crazy. All right. And this is so interesting that I’m going to be showing you some incredible things that can happen. So let’s assume you are selling these particular costs. All right. You’re spending 10,000 a day on ads selling the seven-figure affiliate program.

That’s the first thing you just want to sell right now. And that to make it interesting, all you’re doing is you’re sending people to come and hear me speak for free, explaining the whole business model, And then when they make a decision, you get paid. All right. So let’s assume you want to just spend about $23 on ads or $50 or not, or just say 10,000 naira a day , look at this. If you are able to get your targeting right, you should get up to 300 views on the webinar.

Now let me show you before I continue this and analytics of the particular web ads I ran on Instagram and that kind of view that it got within a short period. check out the screenshots below.

All right.

Learnoflix: No 1 Affiliate Marketing Program In Nigeria[Expertnaire Alternative 2021]

This is fantastic. We’ve spent so far $25 on these and you saw the total number of people that have clicked it over 500 people. All right. So let’s have zoom on it. 300 decided to click on, watch the webinars from your promotion. Let’s say you spend 10,000 and then out of that, 5% of it, they decided to buy, which of course is on a very, very worst case scenario, right? We convert way more than this. So let’s say out of the people listening right now, only 5% of you decided to buy this course decided to sign up as an affiliate. All right. That’s 15 sales. All right. So 15 sales, at 10,000 naira will give 50,000 revenue.

So if I’m paying 40%, that is 60,000 naira income in one day. So I’m, what did I spend for? I subtract the 10,000k I spent from the 60,000 I’m getting 50k profits in a Day. All right. So this is very possible.If you spend this but if you say I know I don’t have a lot to start, I want to spread my own 10,000 over a week is the same thing.

You can get up to 300 views. If you do 5% conversion rates, 15 sales, the same thing, one 50,000 revenue generated of a week. And then you can do 60,000 in a week. You subtract what you spent. now the question is that what can 50K in a week do for you? That is mind-blowing. So we’re talking in Naira right here. So you can actually convert to your own currency wherever you are reading this from.

So we’re talking about $150 in a week in this context. So you can exchange that in your country’s currency. So that is on a worst-case scenario. What if you can do 10%, all right. And in a week you convert them, that is going to give you double that’s 120,000 naira. And which is when you subtract the 10,000 you spent, that’s going to be an 110k naira in profits. What if you spend more than that.

now are there people who are already doing this and getting a result? Yes. Let me share a few with you. I showed you my own dashboard earlier on what I’ve done in two days on the affiliate program alone.

The next time I’m probably going to be writing an article like this, you’re going to see how much that would ask skyrocketed. So I’m inviting you to come and see how this can work for you less assume you’re selling this seven-figure affiliate program And all you are making is 10 sales a day. All right, 10 sales a day is like 40,000,if you are spending only 10,000 a day on 10 sales a Day you’re making 30,000 naira every day in one month, that’s over 900,000.

You think that’s impossible. Meet one of my fire affiliates. I mean, these guys are killing it. All right, his name is abdulsalam, this guy did, 863,000k in commission in 30 days only, it’s 863 K commission.

And this was even when we’re still running the manual process, not the automated one that you are about to join. All right, that’s how much This guy made, and you can see how we got the money. All right 142K, 192K,123K,314 and so other one and when we put everything together This is our much this guy has made, as at this time I am writing this article, he has done over 1.5 million already. And that’s how crazy it’s making money, he is quite young and less than 23 years old.

So what is stopping you? These are some of the transfer lots that people got.

So, I mean, all these amounts you are saying in your front are done in five days in five days, only 314,000 in five days, 165,000 in five days 295,000 in 5 days, 161,000 in five days. All of this you’re seeing is in five days, and this is possible for you.


So how do you get started?

You need to become an affiliate to date on learnoflix affiliates. click this link now and sign up to be an affiliate with learnoflix.

It’s just very cheap or I right now, all this will take from you is 10,230 naira, which is just about $29. And it gives you all the full training., It gives you all the tutorials You need to access and sell as many courses as possible. All you need to do is just send traffic and guess what? If you don’t know how to do it, you will be taught step by step. How to run profitable ads on Instagram and Facebook ads, Google ads ,how to attract people all around now to spend minimum small amounts and get a lot of traffic.

So what are you waiting for?

You can start by getting other affiliates on this training and get them signed up. You get 4,000 and if you sign up also sells the 7 figure affiliate course,you get a 10 percent with is 1k from each of their sales, or you can pick any of the courses that are available on Learnoflix, and start selling it around and make as much money as you ever desire.

So what are you waiting for? This is a very, very lucrative way of getting all your needs met in an automated manner. So we’re waiting for you.

click the button right now, I can’t wait. Yeah. Your own testimony as well. You’re welcome.

CALL ME FOR MORE DETAILS ;- +2348052013235


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