Hello, fellas, thank you for clicking through to read this article/review. I guarantee by the end of this read, you would be informed enough to make a decisive decision about the opportunity I am about to share with you.

 This is a great opportunity available to all Nigerians in these trying times, especially to those seeking to start a business or earning extra income on the side, this opportunity is called ‘OWODAILY’.


With this new platform, you can easily make your money from your home without any stress and it does not require any special skills, all you need is your phone or system with an internet connection and then you can start making money from the comfort of your space.

In this review, I will explain in more detail about how you can earn money, working from home using ‘OWODAILY’. I will be explaining in different ways every Nigerian can potentially need ‘OWODAILY’ to either make money/start your personal online business or promote yourself.

If this is your first time learning about OWODAILY’, here is what it is; Owodaily is digital jobs community where its membership gives the user access to multiple streams of income online in Nigeria.

There are many ways you can benefit and make money using the platform, I would quickly run throw some ways you can make money using this great platform 

Ways You Can Make Money Using Owodaily Platform .

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1.As a member:

Once you sign up on owodaily you will need to pay a one-time membership fee of #3,000 (three thousand nairas) which will grant you access to the available digital jobs on the platform. These jobs pay you anything from #10 (ten nairas) to #2,000(two thousand nairas) depending on how quick and easy the job is. These jobs can be done using your mobile phone or your computer which has access to the internet.

There are lots of jobs available which could include; but it’s not limited to following someone on Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat. Subscribing to a channel on YouTube, it could be making a dance video for Snapchat or voting for someone in an online competition or via SMS. For example, voting for a contestant in a TV game show. You get paid once your submission is approved for doing any of these available jobs correctly.

2. As an affiliate:

Owodaily rewards each affiliate by giving commissions on every verified member referred to the platform. All members are affiliates. So, as a member, you earn a whopping #1,600 ( one thousand and six hundred nairas) every time you refer your friends or co-workers, all you need is to tell two people about owodaily and once they register you get your capital back and every other money you make from owodaily hence is pure profit.

You also earn a bonus commission when your down lines refer to new verified members, which you could do by referring your friends on social media or sharing your review videos with your referral link. Other ways you could promote your referral’s link, is writing a review on forums just like this, on social site, growing a WhatsApp or Facebook group, and educating your group members about the potential benefits of joining owodaily and also you are allowed to run an ad campaign on social media, YouTube or google to grow your network.


3. As a business:

You can get owodaily members to promote your business on social media which could lead to sales or you get them to patronize your business directly and reward them with gift cards simply by posting the offer as a job to promote your website or a job offer to get cash bag, gift cards when they come to visit your store and make a purchase.

A simple example is a pizza shop rewarding owodaily members who buy pizza of over #4,000 ( four thousand nairas) with a gift card of #500 (five hundred nairas) or #1,000 ( one thousand nairas) meaning you get customers to patronize your business and owodaily members are happy to visit your store to claim the reward offer.

4. As a digital marketer:

since owodaily is an open digital community where you can hire its user to do anything online. You can begin to promote offers such as; reselling social services on Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter, to businesses, youTube subscribers to upcoming artists on new influences, asking members to post music or create dance videos online for your client, music, and more. The possibilities are endless. You could make your new client projects slash brand trends within the country or you could get hundreds or thousands of votes to win any completion. All you have to do is post a job and once it is approved, your client begins to see the best type of engagement available.

Thus, for example, if I was a digital marketer, handling a brand’s account on social media, you can get members to engage with your content. Re-share or re-post on their profile or make your hashtag a trending topic in the entire country. For artists, you could get willing members to subscribe, create a dance video, share music on their profile for their followers and friends to see. So you charge your client, so you get paid, and then you create a job a watch it gets delivered by other members in the community.

5. As a partner:

Owodaily partners have the license to create, manage, and distribute gift cards in different regions in Nigeria. With this method, you earn each time you sell a gift card and if possible refer a new member or each time the gift card is used, you are able to earn a lot more as a partner but you will need to submit an application and get your license request approved to proceed with this.

To start your application, send an email to The opportunities of earning with owodaily membership while working from home are endless and more will be made available in the coming month as the online community continues to grow with thousands of members already earning within the platform. Thus, feel free to sign upend start earning from home today.


thank you very much for reading through this review, I hope you are convinced to take action by clicking the buttons to register with OWODAILY for a little investment of 3k and you can earn back your money within the shortest period of time and start earning that extra cash. you really have nothing to lose but you have something to lose if you don’t take action now. Thank you, see you inside, see you at the top and GOD BLESS YOU.


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