Help From Above part 3

Psalms 121:1

The need for help and helpers in the year 2024

Categories of helpers in the Bible

  1. Apostle Paul (Rom16:3)
  2. Elijah was Elisha’s helper (1kngs19:21)
  3. Peter was Cornelius’s helper (Acts10:1-35)
  4. Elijah was the helper of widow of zarephath (1kngs17:8-19)
  5. Hammelech was the helper of Jeremiah (Jer38:6)
  6. Good Samaritan and a certain woman wounded by robbers (Luk10:30-36)
  7. The Egyptian slave to David (1sam30:1-10)
  8. Mary the mother of Jesus was a connecting helper (Jhn2:1-10)

We want to pray for four kinds of helpers

  1. Timely helpers – they help as when needed, just in time.
  • [ ] Destiny helpers – they could be spiritual or physical; far or very near. God is our ultimate helper. (Acts12:11)
  1. Connecting helpers
  2. Hand lifters (ExoRom16:1-2
  3. Angelic helper
  4. Unsolicited helper (Exo2:17)

Prayers points

  1. Enemies rejoicing at any repeated problem in my life will be disgraced this year.
  2. Wickedness of the wicked upon my life this year, I terminate you now.
  3. Works of my hands, be delivered from battle this year.
  4. O Lord, my father, this year 2024, by your favour, connect me to my destiny helpers.
  5. This year 2024, O Lord, raise for me timely helpers (2 Sam 21:15–17)
  6. O God, arise, raise for me connecting and timely helpers.
  7. O Lord, in this month of January, raise for me hand lifters, timely helpers, and connecting helpers.
  8. O God, my father, raise for me angelic helpers.
  9. Lord, this year 2024, beginning in January, let unsolicited helpers begin to locate me now.
  10. This year 2024, I receive back-to-back divine help.
  11. My divine helpers will not die. The helpers of my career, ministry, business, family, and children will not die.

Say this

I am more than conqueror.
My head is a good head.
I am not a waste-able material.
This year and month of January, I obtain the help of the living God and I will testify about it.

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